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Sprint files claim accusing AT&T of false advertising

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Commercial Litigation |

Some companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may go to great lengths to attract the attention of a multitude of potential customers. In some cases, these companies may create extravagant advertisements in which they boast of providing the best products and services available. When competitors feel that the information in these advertisements is misleading, they may argue that the company is seeking to gain an unfair advantage through false advertising.

This is reportedly the case in a recent lawsuit in which Sprint has accused AT&T of false advertising. This reportedly stems from a recent advertisement campaign in which the second company promoted upgrades to its wireless network. Sprint claims that the company is calling its 4G network 5G E, and it asserts that this advertising strategy is misleading and deceptive.

Sprint claims that the other company is using this method to gain an unfair advantage by convincing potential customers that its products and services are superior. However, AT&T reportedly denies any wrongdoing in the matter and plans to continue promoting similar products and services. The company states that it is preparing to defend against the lawsuit while continuing its efforts to provide customers with the fastest network speeds possible.

Allegations of false advertising can be a major concern for all parties involved, as the outcome of the situation could affect the future of each company. Those who face similar disputes could find it helpful to prepare for what comes next by retaining legal counsel early in the process. An attorney can thoroughly examine the circumstances a client in Louisiana is facing and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable through the necessary outlets.