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1 files breach of contract claim against former employer

When a valued employee declares an intention of leaving to pursue career advancement elsewhere, a company in Louisiana may choose to take measures to convince this person to stay. Should either party fail to abide by the terms of an arrangement offered under similar circumstances, the other may wish to take steps to protect his or her interests. After claiming she was denied a significant portion of her annual bonus for unjust reasons, a woman in another state has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against her former employer.

Tea company accused of false advertising re natural ingredients

There may be many individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere who are drawn to the appeal of products that contain all natural ingredients. Unfortunately, what is written on the label of a product might not always reflect the actual contents. The Organic Consumers Association has recently filed a false advertising lawsuit against Twinings North America accusing the company of misleading customers into believing certain products contained only natural ingredients.

School district faces breach of contract lawsuit

When two or more companies in Louisiana or elsewhere enter a business agreement, they may set forth terms in the contract stating when the arrangement will come to an end. However, things might not always go as planned, and should one party decide to terminate the arrangement prior to the agreed-upon date, contract disputes may ensue. A school district in another state has recently become the subject of a breach of contract lawsuit under similar circumstances.

2 car dealerships accused of false advertising

There may be a multitude of companies in Louisiana and elsewhere who are constantly adjusting product prices in an effort to maximize profits while keeping up with the competition. Unfortunately, a strategy that some may view as competitive pricing may appear deceptive in nature to others. Two car dealerships in another state have recently become the subjects of a lawsuit after being accused of unlawful trade practices and false advertising.

Netflix and Fox engage in breach of contract disputes

Many companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may see employees come and go from time to time. However, when a company feels that the circumstances of their departure and acceptance of a position with a rival company are unlawful, it may choose to take steps to protect its interests. Fox has recently filed a lawsuit against Netflix after accusing several employees of breach of contract.

Monetary remedies for a breach of contract claim

When the terms of a business contract are violated, the potential financial ramifications the situation can have on a company can be substantial. Business owners in Louisiana who encounter similar forms of conflict may wish to take steps to seek restitution for their losses. However, some might not be fully aware of the various types of legal remedies available when attempting to resolve a breach of contract claim.

Breakfast cereal companies accused of false advertising

Many companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may feel it essential to ensure their products meet certain consumer demands. Should a company stand accused of providing misleading or false information about their products, they might consider it vital to take steps to protect their interests, as claims of false advertising could bring about dire financial ramifications. Three popular breakfast cereal companies are facing a similar circumstance after they were accused of falsely advertising certain ingredients.

Defective street lights lead to a breach of contract claim

When business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere purchase products from another entity, they generally expect each product received to work as intended. Should their purchases prove faulty or defective, they may also prove costly to replace and the resulting financial burden could leave owners preparing to pursue restitution for their losses. A public lighting authority in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against an electronics company after nearly 20,000 streetlights began burning out prematurely.

Hertz files breach of contract claim over project delays

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere outsource work to another company, they may expect the project to be completed within a timely manner. Any delays in project completion and delivery can create intense levels of conflict between the parties involved. Hertz Corporation has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Accenture, claiming the company failed to complete a website design project by the agreed-upon date.

American Bottling Company files breach of contract claim

There may be a variety of scenarios in which companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may feel it is best to cut ties with business partners. However, should the other party feel that the decision to end the arrangement is in violation of the original contract, it may wish to take steps to protect its interests. The American Bottling Company has recently filed a lawsuit accusing BodyArmor Sports Nutrition of breach of contract.

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