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Reasons for a legal dispute concerning a will or trust

When a Louisiana resident creates an estate plan, it is assumed, at least at first, that everything was done in accordance with current law. Later, it may become clear that something could be wrong with either a will or trust. If this happens to you, you may consider initiating a legal dispute. Before moving forward, you first need to determine whether you have grounds to do so.

You may have heard about contesting a will, but did not realize that a trust could be contested as well. Even so, you still need a valid reason behind your objections. As is the case with wills, undue influence often prompts an objection. It could be that you do not believe your loved one had the capacity to create the trust.

Family collects $1.6 million inheritance after probate case

LeRoy Ern, a former factory worker, left more than $1.6 million after he passed away. Blanche Berenzweig, an ex-insurance agent, received this large inheritance in 2016. Distraught, Ern's family took the case to trial. After a few months of battling, the family will finally receive nearly all of the inheritance. Berenzweig gets a smaller portion of $150,000 to cover fees for her attorney and relating costs. 

Gaming company faces class-action suit

A dispute between an employer and employee is not a rare occurrence. Often conflicts are unavoidable, especially when tough decisions hang in the balance. Personality differences, discrimination and harassment are a few serious issues. If conflicts go unresolved, it can lead to claims and ultimately damage a business. 

Delay in product delivery leads to breach of contract claim

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere provide another party with upfront payment for products, they may expect to receive these products within a set period of time. Should the other party fail to meet the agreed upon deadline, the delay could have a substantial impact on the company's daily operations. A county in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a software company after being informed that the scheduled delivery of vital upgrades was pushed back nearly 14 months.

The incident reportedly stems from an arrangement in which the county agreed to pay Tritech Software Systems for software upgrades that would provide advancements for the county's emergency services. In the original arrangement, the county states that Tritech agreed to deliver these upgrades by the end of Oct. 2018. However, the county asserts that Tritech was ultimately unable to meet this deadline.

Clorox accuses Lysol of false advertising following recent ad

It might not be uncommon for companies in Louisiana and elsewhere to attempt to convince consumers that they provide the highest quality of products and services available. However, should another company feel that a competitor is attempting to persuade customers by providing false information about its own products, it may wish to take steps to protect company interests. Clorox has recently filed a lawsuit against Lysol accusing the company of attempting to mislead consumers through false advertising.

The incident reportedly stems from a recent ad campaign that was launched on various television and social media outlets by Lysol. In the ad, Clorox claims that the other company attempted to mislead consumers into believing that its products were somehow inferior. The company asserts that the comparisons made through the ad were false and were intended to lead customers into believing that Lysol products contained advantages that simply do not exist.

Stillhouse files breach of contract lawsuit against Bacardi

As companies in Louisiana and elsewhere continue to see success, their owners may still wish to take steps to safeguard their financial futures by pursuing additional opportunities for growth. However, while entering a partnership with another successful enterprise can be promising, there may also be a certain level of risk involved. Fast-growing spirits company Stillhouse, LLC has recently filed a lawsuit against Bacardi Limited, accusing the company of breach of contract and fraud.

The incident reportedly stems from an arrangement in which Stillhouse agreed to provide Bacardi with access to company information. In exchange, Stillhouse claims that the other company would eventually take over the company by purchasing it at a fair market price. However, the CEO of Stillhouse asserts that Bacardi misrepresented its intentions and failed to adhere to promises to provide financial support where necessary.

How the designation of a power of attorney could lead to strife

Many individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere consider it essential to have a strategy in place for the future should they suddenly become incapable of making decisions on their own. Many may choose to have someone else act on their behalf in these instances by naming him or her as power of attorney. There are several instances in which the designation of a power of attorney could lead to strife among the parties involved, perhaps especially among siblings.

One scenario in which another party may wish to dispute a power of attorney pertains to the validity of the contract. In some cases, one might be able to argue that the principal was not capable of understanding the terms of the arrangement, or that he or she was subjected to undue influence. Should other parties feel that the person acting as power of attorney is attempting to take advantage of the principal, they may wish to take action to protect their loved one from harm.

Stanley Black and Decker accuses Sears of breach of contract

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere experience times of financial strain, they may attempt to recover from financial losses by selling the rights to brand-name products to another entity. In some cases, this entity may allow the previous owner to continue selling its products under certain restrictions, and should it feel the other party fails to adhere to the terms of the arrangement, both parties may engage in intense contract disputes. Stanley Black and Decker has recently filed a lawsuit against Sears accusing the company of breach of contract.

The incident reportedly revolves around tools trademarked under the popular Craftsman brand, which Stanley Black and Decker purchased from Sears in 2017. According to reports, the company had subsequently agreed to allow Sears to continue selling Craftsman products under certain restrictions. However, it claims that the other party recently chose to launch a new line of products under the Craftsman name.

Diagnostic errors may lead to allegations of medical malpractice

Many medical professionals in Louisiana and across the nation treat a multitude of health conditions each day, many of which may exhibit similar symptoms as other illnesses. With a variety of factors to consider, reaching a correct diagnosis in every scenario can be a challenging task. However, it could also prove vital, as patients who claim to have suffered injury due to an incorrect diagnosis may seek to recover restitution through a medical malpractice claim.

Recent studies suggest that nearly 40 percent of patients who visit a facility for medical care receive either an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis. In some cases, experts indicate that a patient may be diagnosed with a condition such as the flu, when in fact the patient could be suffering from another condition altogether. These studies also indicate that some patients may have medical issues that go entirely unnoticed.

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