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Sprint files claim accusing AT&T of false advertising

Some companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may go to great lengths to attract the attention of a multitude of potential customers. In some cases, these companies may create extravagant advertisements in which they boast of providing the best products and services available. When competitors feel that the information in these advertisements is misleading, they may argue that the company is seeking to gain an unfair advantage through false advertising.

This is reportedly the case in a recent lawsuit in which Sprint has accused AT&T of false advertising. This reportedly stems from a recent advertisement campaign in which the second company promoted upgrades to its wireless network. Sprint claims that the company is calling its 4G network 5G E, and it asserts that this advertising strategy is misleading and deceptive.

Understanding the basics of a breach of contract lawsuit

Upon entering a business relationship with another party, company owners may typically begin by setting clear guidelines on the terms of the arrangement via a contract. Should a company in Louisiana feel that another party has violated these terms, it may wish to seek restitution through litigation. Although claims of breach of contract continue to be some of the most common sources of dispute among business relationships, many owners might be uncertain of the requirements for proving a breach has occurred.

One of the first steps involved with the process is to prove that a valid contract exists. This contract must include and cover all the basic elements of the business agreement. Next, one must be able to prove that the other party is culpable of violating the terms of the agreement, and the other party must be notified of the alleged breach prior to legal proceedings.

Printing company accuses publisher of breach of contract, fraud

In a perfect world, disputes would never arise among business partners in Louisiana and elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are a variety of scenarios in which such a relationship may sour, and the resulting conflict could leave all parties involved in search of guidance on how best to protect their interests. A book printing company was recently awarded a judgment of $15 million after filing a lawsuit against a publisher, accusing it of breach of contract and fraud.

According to reports, EPAC Technologies, Inc. filed the lawsuit against publishing company Thomas Nelson after the company suddenly terminated a five-year contract. Thomas Nelson claims that its decision to end the arrangement hinged on issues with defective products and constant delays in delivery. However, EPAC asserts that the other company fabricated evidence to support its claims and subsequently ended the arrangement without cause.

PGA Tour accuses sponsor of breach of contract

When two or more companies in Louisiana reach an agreement to enter a business relationship, each party may do so with every intention of upholding its end of the deal. However, circumstances can change, and should a company become incapable of complying with contractual obligations, the other parties may wish to take steps to pursue restitution. The Professional Golfers' Association is seeking as much as $1.19 million in restitution after accusing a sponsor of breach of contract.

The PGA Tour claims that it initially reached a five-year sponsorship agreement with the company Digital Ally. In the agreement, the PGA Tour had arranged to name one of its tour stops the Digital Ally Open. However, over the past two years, it asserts that Digital Ally has failed to pay its annual sponsorship fees and it has since filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the company.

Knowing how best to prepare for a medical malpractice trial

As a medical professional in Louisiana or elsewhere, being accused of negligence can be one of the most stressful experiences one may ever face. Should a former patient attempt to pursue financial restitution through a medical malpractice claim, the average person might be uncertain how best to prepare for litigation. Those who are facing a similar circumstance could benefit from seeking legal counsel as soon as possible for advice on what to expect from the process.

One of the first steps to take after a lawsuit is filed is to contact one's malpractice carrier and inform the company of pending litigation. Those who stand accused of negligence may also benefit from preparing for court proceedings by building a strong defense strategy. Although one may feel that proving a certain standard of treatment was provided is enough to defend against claims of neglect, it may be advisable to understand how the opposition could attempt to poke holes in one's story.

Ford Motor Credit files breach of contract lawsuit

Companies in Louisiana and elsewhere that enter an agreement to provide products and services to another business generally expect to be paid in full for services rendered. Should the other party fail to uphold its end of the arrangement, a company may wish to seek recovery of its financial losses through legal means. Ford Motor Credit has reportedly accused a dealership of breach of contract after alleging the auto group owes the company more than $116 million.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from information uncovered during an audit of a dealership chain. Ford claims the audit indicated the auto group had failed to pay the company for vehicles which had already been sold. Ford has accused a variety of dealerships of similar acts, and the process has reportedly caused several chains to pursue relief through bankruptcy.

Challenging a will can be a complex process

Many individuals in Louisiana and across the nation consider it essential to have a strategy in place depicting what will happen once they are gone. In some cases, a person may choose to convey his or her final wishes through a will. Although those who wish to contest a will may find it helpful to understand the scenarios in which the document could be deemed invalid, challenging a will can still be a complex process.

One scenario in which a person may have grounds to contest a will pertains to the testamentary capacity of the testator. If it can be shown that a person lacked the capacity to fully understand the terms of the will prior to its execution, the document could be deemed invalid. A person may also be able to challenge a will if the document was not signed in accordance with Louisiana state laws.

Knowing the next steps to take when a breach of contract occurs

When seeking to reach an agreement to enter a business relationship with another party, business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere may wish to be thorough in negotiating the terms of the arrangement. However, knowing all the issues to address prior to signing a contract can be challenging. Should disputes arise in the future, owners may wish to know how best to protect their business interests, but matters pertaining to breach of contract can be complex.

When forming a business contract, owners may wish to address a variety of topics, such as scheduled completion time for objectives and financial responsibilities. Disputes may arise if either party feel as though the other entity fails to complete tasks in a timely manner. Any delays can be costly for all parties involved, and those who suffer financial loss due to another party's actions may wish to pursue restitution.

Jack in the Box accused of breach of contract by franchisee group

The relationship between company owners and franchisees in Louisiana and elsewhere can experience strain under a variety of circumstances. With a great deal on the line financially speaking, any disputes that arise between these parties can be intense matters that may ultimately leave each party preparing to protect their rights through commercial litigation. A franchisee group has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against fast food burger chain Jack in the Box.

The franchisee group claims the lawsuit stems from an ongoing dispute over recent changes to the Jack in the Box brand. This group reportedly accuses management of taking shortcuts with product development and failing to hire qualified staff members to market products and services. The group asserts that these issues have led to a substantial drop in sales and have left the future of the company in limbo.

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