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2 car dealerships accused of false advertising

There may be a multitude of companies in Louisiana and elsewhere who are constantly adjusting product prices in an effort to maximize profits while keeping up with the competition. Unfortunately, a strategy that some may view as competitive pricing may appear deceptive in nature to others. Two car dealerships in another state have recently become the subjects of a lawsuit after being accused of unlawful trade practices and false advertising.

According to reports, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection of a city in another state filed a lawsuit accusing both dealerships of engaging in deceptive trade practices. The DCWP claims that one one of the dealerships is culpable of refusing to honor prices listed in a recent sales advertisement. The dealership has also been accused of attempting to modify these advertisements later on in an attempt to mask its deception.

What can be learned from the Hertz and Accenture dispute?

Hopefully, whenever two companies negotiate a contract, they will do so with good faith and proper attention to detail. However, despite best intentions, contract disputes may still arise.

Recently, Hertz and Accenture have entered a dispute with one another over a joint project. The car rental company (Hertz) is suing the consulting company (Accenture) over a breach of contract.

Issues that may arise when distributing property in a digital era

There may be a multitude of individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere who have digital assets they wish to be distributed amongst their loved ones after they are gone. When it comes to distributing property, the process of planning for digital assets is similar to that of physical possessions. However, there are certain unique issues that could arise when distributing digital assets, some of which could have a substantial impact on the outcome of the process.

As technological advancements continue to expand and grow, many individuals may take to online outlets to store a variety of digital possessions. Some examples of digital assets can include song or book collections stored through internet applications. Social media accounts and digital photograph collections are two more examples of digital assets a person may wish to pass on to his or her loved ones.

Netflix and Fox engage in breach of contract disputes

Many companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may see employees come and go form time to time. However, when a company feels that the circumstances of their departure and acceptance of a position with a rival company are unlawful, it may choose to take steps to protect its interests. Fox has recently filed a lawsuit against Netflix after accusing several employees of breach of contract.

The incident reportedly began after Netflix offered positions to both a high-level production executive and a marketing executive, both of whom formerly worked for Fox. Fox reportedly asserts that by accepting a position with a competitor, both individuals violated the terms of their employment contracts. The company also asserts that Neflix encouraged the two to break their previous agreements.

Monetary remedies for a breach of contract claim

When the terms of a business contract are violated, the potential financial ramifications the situation can have on a company can be substantial. Business owners in Louisiana who encounter similar forms of conflict may wish to take steps to seek restitution for their losses. However, some might not be fully aware of the various types of legal remedies available when attempting to resolve a breach of contract claim.

One potential legal remedy for a breach of contract pertains to restitution for losses. If the other party is deemed culpable of failing to provide services or products that were paid for, the court may order this party to pay back the full amount in restitution. The court may also order the tortfeasor to pay compensatory damages to allow the other party to pursue that which was agreed upon in the initial contract through other means.

It seems Aretha Franklin did have wills, unlike most Americans

Three wills apparently written by Aretha Franklin have been discovered in her suburban Detroit home.

When Franklin died in August, she was believed to have left no will, a fact that lingered in the background as she was memorialized in the national media.

Breakfast cereal companies accused of false advertising

Many companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may feel it essential to ensure their products meet certain consumer demands. Should a company stand accused of providing misleading or false information about their products, they might consider it vital to take steps to protect their interests, as claims of false advertising could bring about dire financial ramifications. Three popular breakfast cereal companies are facing a similar circumstance after they were accused of falsely advertising certain ingredients.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from advertisements on Post, General Mills and Mondelez cereal boxes claiming that their products are made with real cocoa. However, they have recently been accused of using a process called alkalizing to alter the quality of cocoa products. According to the complaint, alkalized cocoa maintains a different acidic quality than real cocoa, and the suit says the process increases the acidity of the product to as high as a pH of 7 or 8.

Defective street lights lead to a breach of contract claim

When business owners in Louisiana and elsewhere purchase products from another entity, they generally expect each product received to work as intended. Should their purchases prove faulty or defective, they may also prove costly to replace and the resulting financial burden could leave owners preparing to pursue restitution for their losses. A public lighting authority in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against an electronics company after nearly 20,000 streetlights began burning out prematurely.

According to reports, the public lighting authority purchased the street lights from Leotek Electronics in 2016. Although initially told that the lights would last at least 10 years, the lighting authority claims that as many as 20,000 lights started to dim or burn out after only two years. After informing the company of the issue, officials within the lighting authority say Leotek promised to provide a schedule for replacing the defective products within an agreed-upon period of time.

When licensed professionals are accused of negligence

Being accused of negligence can be a stressful and daunting experience. Similar allegations could have a lingering impact on the reputations of individuals in a variety of professions and the outcome of a subsequent lawsuit could have a substantial influence on their lives. Licensed professionals in Louisiana who stand accused of similar acts may find it helpful to better understand the basic elements of a negligence claim, as this could prove vital to forming a strategy for what comes next.

The first element of a claim for negligence pertains to the presence of duty. In this step, a person must be able to show that the licensed professional had a duty to provide a certain standard of service or care. Once duty is established, the other party must prove that the duty was breached through a failure to exercise this standard of care, and that the actions of this breach are the direct cause of any resulting injuries or damages.

Hertz files breach of contract claim over project delays

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere outsource work to another company, they may expect the project to be completed within a timely manner. Any delays in project completion and delivery can create intense levels of conflict between the parties involved. Hertz Corporation has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Accenture, claiming the company failed to complete a website design project by the agreed-upon date.

According to reports, the incident began when Hertz initiated a project to make improvements to its website and create an app for mobile phones. The company hired Accenture in Aug. 2016 to design and build the site and app and states that it paid Accenture more than $32 million in fees and expenses. The website and phone app were initially set to go live in Jan. 2018, but delays in its completion forced the company to postpone the release.

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