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In 1988-89, James “Jim” Gibson began handling legal malpractice cases for his insurance clients. At that time, no law dedicated to attorney malpractice existed in Louisiana. Instead, litigants contorted existing negligence and contract law to apply in a professional malpractice setting. The resulting contradictory case law created a “wild west” atmosphere that challenged the best litigators.

In 1990, the Louisiana State Legislature passed statutes governing the timing and venue of professional liability suits against lawyers, accountants and insurance agents. When complaints against lawyers or judges were filed, the respondents routinely requested attorney Jim Gibson to defend them.

Co-founders of Gibson Law Partners, LLC, Jim and Charles “Chuck” Kreamer began working together in 1994 in the professional liability arena. For nearly three decades, they have provided creative and aggressive trial, appellate and mediation counsel in cases involving lawyers, accountants and other licensed professionals.

As commercial and probate litigation cases have become more complex, Jim and Chuck founded Gibson Law Partners, LLC, in Lafayette. They added a team of lawyers to assist with personal injury and commercial litigation matters, in addition to their previous work resolving probate and professional civil litigation matters. Our team consists of individuals with a broad range of knowledge, backgrounds and experience. This collective effort contributes to providing exceptional legal skill and dedication to getting the best results for their clients.

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Michael O. Adley

Michael O. Adley

James H. Gibson
James H. Gibson(Co-Founder)
Stacy N. Kennedy,
Stacy N. Kennedy,(Partner)
Charles Martin Kreamer
Charles Martin Kreamer(Co-Founder)
Halee Snellgrove Maturin
Halee Snellgrove Maturin(Associate)
Erin Monica
Erin Monica(Partner)
Alan Whittington Stewart
Alan Whittington Stewart(Partner)
Jacquelyn L. Duhon
Jacquelyn L. Duhon(Associate)
Marc D. Moroux

Marc D. Moroux


Practice Areas


A proven record of success
in complex business
litigation involving
significant assets

Probate / Estate

A proven history of results
in probate litigation
matters involving
high-value estates

Professional Liability

Aggressive representation
to protect the careers and
financial standing of
licensed professionals


Resolving complex
disputes outside of court
requires a mediator with
experience on both sides

General Casualty Defense

Tremendous experience defending insurance companies, corporate entities, and individuals from a wide array of casualty claims.

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At the direction of Governor Edwards COVID 19 STAY AT HOME ORDER dated March 22, 2020, our office is operating at the level of “shelter in place.” What this means for our clients and colleagues is that our staff will be working remotely. The office will be closed to the public. Our office will remain operational, providing you with the same exceptional legal services you have come to expect from our firm. Given the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation, our law firm will suspend “face to face” meetings. Please call us to discuss your options for meeting.

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