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Use of real estate agents hitting new highs

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Professional Liability Litigation |

A recent survey points to demand for real estate agents currently being very robust here in the United States.

The survey is the latest in a series of surveys that began in 2001. In the recent survey, 1,000 recent home buyers and sellers were polled. The results suggest that 90 percent of consumers turn to real estate agents for help with buying or selling a home.

This is a higher rate of real estate agent use than any of the prior versions of the survey found.

The recent survey also found that younger generations are continuing to use real estate agents. The survey pointed to 91 percent of Millennial consumers using such agents.

What do you think are the biggest contributors to the current high demand for real estate agents among consumers?

How much a real estate agent is able to benefit from general levels of high demand for agents is impacted by many things. This includes reputation. Reputation can play a very big role in a real estate agent’s ability to attract new clients and maintain a strong career.

One thing that can have major reputation ramifications for a real estate agent is if he or she is accused of professional malpractice by a home buyer or seller. This is one of the many reasons why what a real estate agent does when such accusations are leveled against him or her matters so much. Real estate agents can go to skilled professional liability litigation attorneys for help with protecting their interests and reputation in the face of malpractice allegations.