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Printing company accuses publisher of breach of contract, fraud

In a perfect world, disputes would never arise among business partners in Louisiana and elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are a variety of scenarios in which such a relationship may sour, and the resulting conflict could leave all parties involved in search of guidance on how best to protect their interests. A book printing company was recently awarded a judgment of $15 million after filing a lawsuit against a publisher, accusing it of breach of contract and fraud.

PGA Tour accuses sponsor of breach of contract

When two or more companies in Louisiana reach an agreement to enter a business relationship, each party may do so with every intention of upholding its end of the deal. However, circumstances can change, and should a company become incapable of complying with contractual obligations, the other parties may wish to take steps to pursue restitution. The Professional Golfers' Association is seeking as much as $1.19 million in restitution after accusing a sponsor of breach of contract.

Knowing how best to prepare for a medical malpractice trial

As a medical professional in Louisiana or elsewhere, being accused of negligence can be one of the most stressful experiences one may ever face. Should a former patient attempt to pursue financial restitution through a medical malpractice claim, the average person might be uncertain how best to prepare for litigation. Those who are facing a similar circumstance could benefit from seeking legal counsel as soon as possible for advice on what to expect from the process.

Ford Motor Credit files breach of contract lawsuit

Companies in Louisiana and elsewhere that enter an agreement to provide products and services to another business generally expect to be paid in full for services rendered. Should the other party fail to uphold its end of the arrangement, a company may wish to seek recovery of its financial losses through legal means. Ford Motor Credit has reportedly accused a dealership of breach of contract after alleging the auto group owes the company more than $116 million.

Challenging a will can be a complex process

Many individuals in Louisiana and across the nation consider it essential to have a strategy in place depicting what will happen once they are gone. In some cases, a person may choose to convey his or her final wishes through a will. Although those who wish to contest a will may find it helpful to understand the scenarios in which the document could be deemed invalid, challenging a will can still be a complex process.

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