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Printing company accuses publisher of breach of contract, fraud

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Commercial Litigation

In a perfect world, disputes would never arise among business partners in Louisiana and elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are a variety of scenarios in which such a relationship may sour, and the resulting conflict could leave all parties involved in search of guidance on how best to protect their interests. A book printing company was recently awarded a judgment of $15 million after filing a lawsuit against a publisher, accusing it of breach of contract and fraud.

According to reports, EPAC Technologies, Inc. filed the lawsuit against publishing company Thomas Nelson after the company suddenly terminated a five-year contract. Thomas Nelson claims that its decision to end the arrangement hinged on issues with defective products and constant delays in delivery. However, EPAC asserts that the other company fabricated evidence to support its claims and subsequently ended the arrangement without cause.

EPAC subsequently filed a lawsuit against Thomas Nelson accusing it of breach of contract and fraud. During recent court proceedings, a jury ruled in favor of EPAC and ordered Thomas Nelson to pay a substantial sum in restitution. However, representatives of the publishing company reportedly deny any wrongdoing and indicated that the company intends to file an appeal.

Disputes pertaining to allegations of breach of contract and fraud can be hotly contested matters. Business owners in Louisiana who encounter similar concerns may find it advisable to consult with an attorney early on for guidance on what to expect from the process. Whether in filing a claim against another party, or in appealing a decision, obtaining legal counsel could prove vital to pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable concerning the future of one’s company.