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Hospital files breach of contract claim against group of doctors

Failure to issue payment for services rendered and claims of failure to uphold the terms of a business contract are just two issues that can lead to intense contract disputes. Companies in Louisiana who encounter similar disputes may wish to take steps to protect their business interests, but the subsequent process can be complex. A hospital in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a group of doctors after it was accused of holding back payment for services rendered.

Undue influence and the burden of proof

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a person in Louisiana or elsewhere may wish to contest a will. In some cases, one may argue that the creator of the will was subjected to undue influence. However, similar allegations typically aren't enough to invalidate a will on their own, and one must often bear the burden of proving the presence of undue influence in court.

Sprint files claim accusing AT&T of false advertising

Some companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may go to great lengths to attract the attention of a multitude of potential customers. In some cases, these companies may create extravagant advertisements in which they boast of providing the best products and services available. When competitors feel that the information in these advertisements is misleading, they may argue that the company is seeking to gain an unfair advantage through false advertising.

Understanding the basics of a breach of contract lawsuit

Upon entering a business relationship with another party, company owners may typically begin by setting clear guidelines on the terms of the arrangement via a contract. Should a company in Louisiana feel that another party has violated these terms, it may wish to seek restitution through litigation. Although claims of breach of contract continue to be some of the most common sources of dispute among business relationships, many owners might be uncertain of the requirements for proving a breach has occurred.

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