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American Bottling Company files breach of contract claim

There may be a variety of scenarios in which companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may feel it is best to cut ties with business partners. However, should the other party feel that the decision to end the arrangement is in violation of the original contract, it may wish to take steps to protect its interests. The American Bottling Company has recently filed a lawsuit accusing BodyArmor Sports Nutrition of breach of contract.

Michael Adley of Gibson Law Partners Successfully Defends Lake Martin Business Owner

After issuing all necessary building permits to local business owner Bryan Champagne to construct his commercial business, St. Martin Parish Government filed suit to enjoin his business claiming it was in violation of St. Martin Parish zoning ordinances.

Reasons for a legal dispute concerning a will or trust

When a Louisiana resident creates an estate plan, it is assumed, at least at first, that everything was done in accordance with current law. Later, it may become clear that something could be wrong with either a will or trust. If this happens to you, you may consider initiating a legal dispute. Before moving forward, you first need to determine whether you have grounds to do so.

Family collects $1.6 million inheritance after probate case

LeRoy Ern, a former factory worker, left more than $1.6 million after he passed away. Blanche Berenzweig, an ex-insurance agent, received this large inheritance in 2016. Distraught, Ern's family took the case to trial. After a few months of battling, the family will finally receive nearly all of the inheritance. Berenzweig gets a smaller portion of $150,000 to cover fees for her attorney and relating costs. 

Gaming company faces class-action suit

A dispute between an employer and employee is not a rare occurrence. Often conflicts are unavoidable, especially when tough decisions hang in the balance. Personality differences, discrimination and harassment are a few serious issues. If conflicts go unresolved, it can lead to claims and ultimately damage a business. 

Delay in product delivery leads to breach of contract claim

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere provide another party with upfront payment for products, they may expect to receive these products within a set period of time. Should the other party fail to meet the agreed upon deadline, the delay could have a substantial impact on the company's daily operations. A county in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a software company after being informed that the scheduled delivery of vital upgrades was pushed back nearly 14 months.

Clorox accuses Lysol of false advertising following recent ad

It might not be uncommon for companies in Louisiana and elsewhere to attempt to convince consumers that they provide the highest quality of products and services available. However, should another company feel that a competitor is attempting to persuade customers by providing false information about its own products, it may wish to take steps to protect company interests. Clorox has recently filed a lawsuit against Lysol accusing the company of attempting to mislead consumers through false advertising.

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