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Delay in product delivery leads to breach of contract claim

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Commercial Litigation

When companies in Louisiana and elsewhere provide another party with upfront payment for products, they may expect to receive these products within a set period of time. Should the other party fail to meet the agreed upon deadline, the delay could have a substantial impact on the company’s daily operations. A county in another state has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a software company after being informed that the scheduled delivery of vital upgrades was pushed back nearly 14 months.

The incident reportedly stems from an arrangement in which the county agreed to pay Tritech Software Systems for software upgrades that would provide advancements for the county’s emergency services. In the original arrangement, the county states that Tritech agreed to deliver these upgrades by the end of Oct. 2018. However, the county asserts that Tritech was ultimately unable to meet this deadline.

The county claims that it was eventually informed that Tritech would be unable to provide the upgrades until the end of 2019. The county states that the delay is unacceptable and asserts that the incident could place its emergency service personnel at unnecessary risk. The county has recently filed a lawsuit accusing Tritech of breach of contract, and it is seeking more than $1 million in monetary damages.

Delays in the delivery of vital products and services can have a devastating impact on a company. Business owners who feel that a breach of contract has occurred may wish to take steps to protect their legal rights, but they might be uncertain how best to achieve this goal. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide a person in Louisiana with guidance on the available legal avenues and assist him or her in pursuing the restitution entitled through the proper channels.