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Netflix and Fox engage in breach of contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Commercial Litigation |

Many companies in Louisiana and elsewhere may see employees come and go from time to time. However, when a company feels that the circumstances of their departure and acceptance of a position with a rival company are unlawful, it may choose to take steps to protect its interests. Fox has recently filed a lawsuit against Netflix after accusing several employees of breach of contract.

The incident reportedly began after Netflix offered positions to both a high-level production executive and a marketing executive, both of whom formerly worked for Fox. Fox reportedly asserts that by accepting a position with a competitor, both individuals violated the terms of their employment contracts. The company also asserts that Netflix encouraged the two to break their previous agreements.

However, Netflix asserts that the terms within the previous contracts were unreasonable and filled with illegalities. The company has accused Fox of unlawfully attempting to prevent employees from seeking career advancement in a similar field of work. Netflix also contends that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the resignation of the two executives caused Fox to suffer financial loss.

With a great deal at stake, companies who encounter breach of contract disputes may find it helpful to seek guidance in the initial stages of the process. By consulting with an attorney, a person in Louisiana could obtain much-needed advice in understanding each of his or her available options. An attorney can examine the circumstances a client is facing and assist in forming a strategy to protect his or her interests through the necessary outlets.