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School district faces breach of contract lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Commercial Litigation

When two or more companies in Louisiana or elsewhere enter a business agreement, they may set forth terms in the contract stating when the arrangement will come to an end. However, things might not always go as planned, and should one party decide to terminate the arrangement prior to the agreed-upon date, contract disputes may ensue. A school district in another state has recently become the subject of a breach of contract lawsuit under similar circumstances.

The school district has reportedly been accused of breach of contract after deciding to end its agreement with a bus company. The district reportedly accused the bus company of violating the terms of its contract after a recent audit discovered the district did not have the proper bus driver clearances on record. Officials say the incident forced them to cancel school for two days and state that the violation led them to terminate the bus company’s contract.

After the contract was cancelled, the bus company filed a lawsuit against the district, accusing it of breach of contract. The company claims that the district is at fault for failing to have the necessary clearances on file and says that it also failed to take available actions to prevent the closure. The company also states that it was not provided with notice of the termination or given the opportunity to correct any errors, both of which are conditions listed within its contract.

Due to the complex nature of many business contracts, breach of contract disputes can be highly debatable matters. Those who become engaged in similar disputes could benefit from obtaining legal counsel early on for advice in understanding all the available options with which to seek an acceptable resolution. An attorney in Louisiana can examine the circumstances a client is facing and assist in forming a strategy to protect his or her interests through the necessary channels.