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Commercial Litigation – High-Stakes

Commercial litigation is an expansive area of law, encompassing any form of litigation involving business issues. The issues that can arise within commercial litigation may vary significantly depending on the size and industry of the business.

Some disputes are between companies regarding contracts or unfair trading practices. Others may involve disagreements between a company and their former employees for fraud, conversion or breach of fiduciary duty.

We Focus On Protecting Our Clients’ Interests In High-Stakes Litigation Matters

The intense litigation processes that follow these issues can be complicated and involve high stakes. Our attorneys at Gibson Law Partners, LLC, in Lafayette have a proven record of success in complex litigation. We leverage over 100 years of combined legal experience to utilize litigation and mediated disputes resolution tactics to effectively resolve these cases. We seek solutions that effectively resolve these cases while protecting our clients’ long-term interests.

Our Commercial Litigation Experience Includes Litigation Related To:

  • Violations of the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act
  • Multi-state and multi-party litigation
  • Breaches of contracts
  • Breaches of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Civil litigation resulting from federal criminal fraud
  • Trade secrets and misappropriation of protected intellectual property
  • Employment agreements

We represent clients nationwide who are involved in litigation in a Louisiana jurisdiction.

To discuss your commercial litigation matter with one of our lawyers, contact our firm at 337-761-6250 or email us with a brief description of your legal needs.