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What Do You Know About Arbitration?

Litigation is the most well-known type of dispute resolution, but it can also be costly, lengthy and uncertain. Mediation can involve those concerns as well. That is why, more and more, companies are turning to arbitration – an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method – which can let you choose your own judge.

At Gibson Law Partners, LLC, in Layette,  we are well-known as skilled commercial litigators and tough negotiators. However, we also have the versatility to take on your case through arbitration. We can provide you with insight into what’s ahead and answer any of your questions. Most of all, we are your advocates throughout the process.

What Are The Advantages Of Arbitration?

The reason that arbitration clauses are more common in contracts now is that there is a greater perception of control. Essentially, arbitration is the choice of a private judge to settle a dispute, and those who enter arbitration are under contract to abide by the judge’s decision.

This private judge can reach a decision faster, which is more efficient. Additionally, arbitration results are private, and no matter the outcome, the decision is not entered into a public record. However, these advantages come with two major drawbacks: judges can be exceptionally costly and you cannot appeal the decision to a higher court.

We Understand How Arbitration Works

For decades, our attorneys have been fighting to resolve the most intricate and high-stakes issues facing clients across Louisiana. We understand how to handle the pressure of multimillion-dollar litigation efforts. We turn that experience and attention to arbitration.

We know what the procedures are, and we know how to build a compelling case and work to pursue a maximal outcome in your case.

Experienced. Attentive. Prepared.

If you’re facing a high-stakes, existential commercial litigation problem, whether it’s going to arbitration, mediation or a courtroom, contact us. We’ve built our reputation on taking on the most difficult problems when things are at their worst. Call 337-761-6250 or send an email to get started.