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Civil Litigation Involving Fraud, Conversion, Breach Of Fiduciary Duty And Breach Of Contract

The litigation attorneys of Gibson Law Partners, LLC, in Lafayette, have extensive knowledge of civil and commercial litigation resulting from fraud, conversion and breaches of contracts and fiduciary responsibilities. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience representing clients who are both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases.

We work with businesses of all sizes throughout Louisiana and have the resources to provide national representation. We have built a reputation as one of the go-to firms for high-stakes disputes on such issues as:


Fraud is among the most common types of commercial litigation, and it can cover a wide range of activities. However, the two most common are:

Mail And Wire Fraud

Civil mail fraud can affect any company that regularly conducts business through the United States Postal Service. Wire fraud cases are similar to mail fraud cases during the civil litigation process, except that the alleged acts occur using the internet and other forms of electronic communication. Our lawyers use the fundamentals we’ve honed over several decades to protect our clients’ long-term interests in these civil litigation matters.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud cases are extremely sophisticated matters involving illegal transactions of securities. Our attorneys have worked on high-profile cases, including those involving scrutiny from the FBI, dealing with false information, wire fraud, mail fraud and third-party misrepresentation.

Our attorneys have worked on several high-profile, sophisticated civil fraud cases, including those involving:

  • Financial statement fraud
  • Asset misappropriation, like skimming cash and misusing company assets
  • Theft of intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Health care, banking and insurance fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • Deceptive trade practices

Our dedication and experience in these cases have made a real impact on clients on both sides of these issues.


Commercial conversion is the civil litigation equivalent of theft and can involve either stealing a business’s property or preventing a business from taking ownership of property. Our lawyers conduct a thorough analysis of the facts to determine whether a business:

  • Has the right to possess the property in question
  • Was deprived of the ability to possess the property due to the defendant’s actions
  • Suffered damages resulting from the conversion

Breach Of Fiduciary Responsibilities

Fiduciary duty is a broad concept that may emerge from many different actions. Our attorneys take a solutions-oriented approach to determine whether a breach of fiduciary responsibilities occurred and how our firm can place your needs in a stronger position.

Breach Of Contract

Contract law is one of the most complex areas of civil and commercial litigation. Our lawyers have earned recognition for their extensive experience and successful case results when businesses are accused of or fail to adhere to their contractual agreements.

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