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Experienced Attorneys For Breach Of Contract Claims

Gibson Law Partners has built a formidable reputation among litigation firms in our area. Our business litigation practice encompasses high-stakes breach of contract claims and lawsuits over terms and enforceability of contracts.

From our contract litigation attorneys’ point of view, every case matters because every client matters. With a persistent commitment to integrity, we nurture trusting attorney-client relationships through every interaction with our clientele. Whether you or your business will be on the plaintiff’s or defendant’s side of a breach of contract case, we will take the steps needed to protect your interests.

Our Clients’ Cases

The scope of contractual obligations that any business incurs is vast. No type of contract is out of reach for our trial lawyers. Examples include:

  • Purchase and sales orders and agreements involving real estate or material goods
  • Contracts for services
  • Wholesale, retail, shipping and storage agreements involving raw materials, finished products and supplies
  • Merger and acquisition agreements and buy-sell agreements involving entire businesses
  • Franchising, licensing, distribution and marketing agreements
  • Executive, employment and contractor agreements

Regardless of the subject matter of the contract(s) that have become problematic, our high-conflict commercial litigation attorneys are ready to dig deep and develop a strategy that fits your goals.

Why Contact Us

Our firm focuses its practice on complex, high-stakes litigation. We may recommend that you work with a particular attorney from our team, but your case will also benefit from the knowledge and input of other lawyers at our firm, as appropriate.

We are committed to helping you succeed and demonstrating to you that your needs will come first. We will never recommend legal steps that are not in your best interests both financially and strategically.

Schedule A Case Review At Your Convenience

We are ready to evaluate your breach of contract claim and propose a strategy for working with you toward your goals, such as:

  • To recover lost funds or other resources
  • To compel another party to act and fulfill a contract
  • To negotiate a mutually agreeable cancellation with compensation for spent time, efforts and expenses

To reach our Lafayette law office, call 337-761-6250 or inquire online.