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Representing The Best Interests Of Unfair Trade Practice Victims

The Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law protects those who seek to recover damages due to unethical practices, fraud or deceit in business. On the one hand, whether you lost money or property because of unfair trade practices, you may seek compensation for three times the damages you experienced and recover other expenses – such as attorney fees – under the Act. On the other hand, as an accused party, you have the right to defend yourself from any legal action filed against you.  Whichever side you are on, these claims are usually complex and expensive to litigate.

At Gibson Law Partners, LLC, we represent both sides of civil claims involving unfair trade practice. You can trust our years of experience in complex litigation issues.

Developing Individualized Solutions To Meet Your Legal Needs

According to a Louisiana Supreme Court ruling in 2010, “any person” may sue a party who allegedly committed violations as determined in the Act. Therefore, individuals, government entities or businesses have a right to be heard and protect themselves from damages or claims due to:

  • Deceptive commercial practices against consumers
  • Unfair business practices or methods against fair competition

As we discuss your case, we will explain your rights and how we may potentially address your legal issue. Our lawyers are experienced litigators who represent the best interests of individuals and businesses.

Moreover, our legal practice includes zealous defense for challenging liability issues. We will build a solid case or defense, negotiate or go to court if required. When everything is on the line, we are ready to provide skilled legal advice and representation to protect your rights and reputation.

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