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Local Defense Counsel For Casualty Litigation

If you are responsible for retaining outside local defense counsel for casualty litigation in Southern Louisiana, turn to the experienced attorneys at Gibson Law Partners, LLC in Lafayette. Our commercial litigation team has tremendous experience defending insurance companies, corporate entities, and individuals from a wide array of casualty claims, including but not limited to cases involving:

  • Automobile and trucking accidents
  • Premises liability, slip-and-fall injury claims, homeowner negligence
  • Product liability, manufacturer, distributor and installer negligence
  • Maritime personal injury claims
  • Employment litigation
  • Civil rights violations
  • Other general torts

We have a strong trial record and are ready to handle every aspect of litigation on behalf of defense counsel, including depositions, discovery, trial lead and co-counsel. We know how important it is to remain in close contact with our clients and communication is a key feature of our counsel.

Casualty litigation is often complex, involving multiple defendants. We will work closely with your company and adjusters to clarify the issues at stake and protect your interests by identifying additional parties who may be held liable, reducing exposure and eliminating indemnity whenever possible. .

Strategic, Effective Casualty Defense Representation

If you have any questions or concerns regarding casualty claims, please reach out to our team at Gibson Law Partners, LLC, by calling 337-761-6250 or send our Lafayette office an email.