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Medical Malpractice Litigation

The high-stakes nature of medical malpractice litigation means health care professionals need a lawyer who understands how to deliver premier results. Gibson Law Partners, LLC, has a dedicated team of litigation attorneys committed to advocating fiercely for our clients. We are ready to protect the careers, reputations and financial standings of licensed medical professionals across Louisiana.

Significant Experience Representing Licensed Medical Professionals

Our clients include doctors, chiropractors, nurses and other licensed professionals. We have also provided counsel to hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other health care facilities.

The success of a medical malpractice defense often hinges on an attorney’s ability to effectively argue before a jury. We bring more than over 173 years of combined experience litigation experience to every client’s case to minimize the long-term negative effects of a malpractice claim. There is no substitute for trial experience, and our extensive track record of successes in state and federal courtrooms is unparalleled among Louisiana law firms.

Our background representing medical professionals includes litigation related to:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Accusations of pharmaceutical and medical device kickbacks
  • Failure to maintain lines of communication
  • Improper or delayed diagnosis
  • Injury or death related to an error
  • Licensing violations
  • Other violations of ethical standards

With more than 30 years of experience representing licensed medical professionals, we are in an excellent position to help you protect your career and financial standing. Call our office in Lafayette to discuss your litigation defense needs at 337-761-6250 or use the contact form on our website.