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Civil Litigation Involving Federal Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud & Securities Fraud

Whether a business is the victim of fraudulent activity or it is facing fraud accusations, a civil fraud case can have significant long-term effects on its future. The lawyers at Gibson Law Partners, LLC, in Lafayette understand how high the stakes are for plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal civil fraud cases involving mail fraud, wire fraud and securities fraud.

With more than over 173 years of combined experience, we have a history of obtaining favorable outcomes for our commercial litigation clients throughout Louisiana. Our attorneys work with businesses of all sizes to understand their legal needs and to seek the best results for our clients.

Mail And Wire Fraud

Civil mail fraud can affect any company that regularly conducts business through the United States Postal Service. Wire fraud cases are similar to mail fraud cases during the civil litigation process, except that the alleged acts occur using the internet and other forms of electronic communication. Our lawyers use the fundamentals we’ve honed over several decades to protect our clients’ long-term interests in these civil litigation matters.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud cases are extremely sophisticated matters involving illegal transactions of securities. Our attorneys have worked on high-profile cases, including those involving scrutiny from the FBI, dealing with false information, wire fraud, mail fraud and third-party misrepresentation.

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